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Small Cap Stocks

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While many stock pick sites are often nothing more than hyped-up 'pump and dump' schemes, Charles Heath and his Roller-Coaster-Stock pick service finds small cap stocks with very strong potential to achieve greatness!

We find profitable small cap stocks for you.

Our small cap stock pick service was created to help people just like you to stay on the profitable side of stock trading and investing in small cap stocks. We present our valued members undervalued and undiscovered fundamentally sound small cap stocks twice a month.

We keep our service simple, easy to use, easy to understand, and we get great results.

While most free stock pick sites are nothing more than hidden promotion sites run for the benefit of the promoter, we work for our individual members who are smart enough to avoid all the hype and appreciate the simple clarity and brevity our stock investing service offers.

We present our members condensed concise investing analysis of our targeted companies. Our members love being able to quickly determine which of our small stock picks meets their investment needs, without having to read through useless pages of financial fluff. This is a true no-hype stock pick site run by a knowledgeable trader and our thousands of loyal members appreciate it.

As such, our highly supportive members with their "word of mouth" advertising, has helped us grow into what is probably the biggest actively trading online pennystock membership site on the Internet today.

We all know that second and third party small cap stock promoters hyping stocks thru multi-layer web rings and blogs seems to be the norm these days. We spend time digging into new and old SEC filings, corporate financials, and trading activity including past and present press releases. We keep our members out of today's all to common pump and dump schemes known as "3 day wonders", where only promoters and Wall Street market makers make money.

We strive to keep a basket of 400-500 rock solid small cap stocks at the ready to run our proprietary screens against. We do in-depth analysis of the individual stock and also the market sector it trades in. We work extremely hard to find small cap companies that have very high potential to become the future category market leaders .

Once we discover a small cap company with the potential to achieve greatness, we feature it on our web site for our loyal members to discover for themselves. If you want to make money in the stock market, and accept the risks and rewards of investing in small cap stocks, then we are the place for you.

We invite you to join us today and become one of the thousands of members who profit every month.

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